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One Piece Chapter 1069: Showing Parallels of Egghead and Sabaody

12 Dec 2022 0 Comments

One Piece Chapter 1069: Showing Parallels of Egghead and Sabaody

One Piece Chapter 1069: Showing Parallels of Egghead and Sabaody

One Piece Chapter 1069 had many readers, which showed parallels between Egghead and Sabaody Archipelago.


This series has been running for over 25 years now. Oda has a lot of past material that he can refer to in the present. Based on what happened in One Piece Chapter 1069, it seems like Egghead and Sabaody follow the same basic structure.

The Straw Hats have grown a lot since they met Kizaru before the two year timeskip. However, they are no longer the rookie pirate crew in One Piece Chapter 1069.

Egghead could be the arc of redemption that Luffy and company are looking for. It really is an exciting time in this series.

Egghead and Sabaody have a lot in common in One Piece Chapter 1069

One Piece Chapter 1069 revolves around the conflict between Monkey D. Luffy and Rob Lucci. Agent CP0 has been sent to kill Vegapunk and all of his remaining satellites.

However, since the Straw Hats are in their way, it won't be an easy mission for them.

Sentomaru is also in charge of Egghead's defense system. He was supposed to control the Seraphim stationed on the island.

However, since Lucci knocked him out at the end of the chapter, it is very likely that CP0 will take control of the robot. The Straw Hats will now fight on all fronts.

Meanwhile, Kizaru has departed from the Marine base. The powerful admiral will arrive at Egghead sometime after One Piece Chapter 1069.

Needless to say, this current event has been a reunion of very familiar characters from the Sabaody Archipelago saga.

The Sabaody Archipelago is really a disaster for the Straw Hats. They were too weak to fight Bartholomew Kuma, let alone Kizaru and Pacifista. However, that is no longer the case in One Piece Chapter 1069. The Straw Hats continued to train very hard for two years.

Luffy is more than ready to take on Kizaru with his awakened Devil Fruit powers, not to mention his advanced use of all three categories of Haki.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew has received major upgrades. They would definitely pose a challenge to CP0 and Seraphim.


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