Zora Ideale "Black Clover", Traps Magic User

Zora Ideale "Black Clover", Traps Magic User

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Zora Ideale "Black Clover", Traps Magic User

Zora Ideale "Black Clover", Traps Magic User

Zora Ideale is one of the Magic Knights of the Black Bull Squad. He is the son of the first farmer to become a magic knight named Zara Ideale. Zora uses Ash Magic which he usually uses to create Trapping Magic.


During the Royal Magic Knight Selection, Zora Ideale uses the name and identity of another magic knight, Xerx Lugner. His true identity is then known by the magic emperor Julius, who turns out to be Zora's father who was a childhood friend of Julius's.

Zora uses an appearance similar to the doll his father gave him. With a fierce and badass appearance he remains relaxed in any situation and tends to do stupid things like giving Asta a smelly beetle.

The Facts Zora Ideale

Has No Respect

Zora has a past full of injustice. So that the character becomes a person who cannot give respect, especially to the nobles.


Uncertainty "Hard to Guess"

Zora tends to do everything himself without giving information to his colleagues. But after he was with the Black Bull Squad, Zora began to show his good side and gave his strength to take care of his teammates.


Before or after he helped or provided assistance, he always gave sharp taunts, especially to the nobles. This was shown when he mocked Nozel Silva who lost the battle against the Elves.

Likes Jokes

Just like his father, Zora likes silliness that makes others upset and laugh. Like when he gave a handshake which then put a smelly bug in Asta's hand. It is a natural thing from Zora and sometimes he always gives jokes to everyone he meets.


intelligence Ideale

Zora is an intelligent magic knight. He can store traps in the right location and then he is also able to adapt quickly to any situation.


Not only that, he can also combine his magic with other people's magic quickly and accurately. So that a Magic Commander like Nozel can combine his powers with Zora.


Defender of the Commoners

A bitter past was passed by Zora with the injustice he got. However, this bitter experience made him want to protect the common people (poor/village people). Despite his ugly nature he still thinks about commoners and has his own standards of a true "Magic Knight".


Powers Ideale

Zora has a Grimoire that contains spells regarding Ash Magic. By using this Magic he is able to create invisible traps and he is also able to restore enemy attacks.

Ash Magic

By using this Magic he is able to create and manipulate all things related to Ash. This type of Magic was once used when he was fighting the Elves. The name of the type of magic is Revelation of the cowardly, this magic is used by touching an ally and then the ally can see the trap magic installed in the area.

Magic Traps

Zora can set magic Traps by using spells and Drawing magic circles. This trap has several levels of damage, but the greater the damage, the longer the trap will take.

There are several Magic Traps that have been shown, including:

  • Paralytic Trap, a type of trap that is stored in a certain area. Like a mine trap on the ground.
  • Counter Trap, This trap can reflect the opponent's attack.
  • Full Body Counter Trap, This trap is stored in Zora's body. So when an enemy attacks his body, the attack will be reflected towards the person who attacked him.

Enhanced Speed ​​and Durability

Zora has great speed so he can dodge a lot of attacks from enemies. Then he also has extraordinary endurance and it is obtained from his activities that like to make magic circles. The magic circle he uses must have a damaging effect on his body.

Keen Intelligence

With the intelligence he has and the ability to read opponents and battlefield areas, he can take advantage of situations well. He can use his Traps in the right area and on the right people.

Zora can read enemy characters and then deceive the enemy. Not only that in difficult areas he is still able to make traps well.

Great Magic Power

Maybe Zora looks lazy and weak. But he has enormous magic power. Then he can also reflect the enemy's attack to several times the damage.


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