One Piece Anime Shows off Nico Robin's New Form

One Piece Anime Shows off Nico Robin's New Form


One Piece Anime Shows off Nico Robin's New Form

One Piece Anime Shows off Nico Robin's New Form

In the latest anime series, One Piece shows off Nico Robin's new form in the episode.


One Piece has heated up the fight between Nico Robin and Tobi Roppo's Black Maria with the last few episodes of the series, and the anime really went all out for the climax of the long-awaited fight between the two of them in the latest episode of the series. .

The war on Onigashima has continued through its final phase with the latest episode when the Straw Hats confront Tobi Roppo's members while trying to buy time for Luffy to continue his fight against Kaido on the skull dome roof.

The previous few episodes have focused on Robin after he saved Sanji from Black Maria's clutches, and he continues to show off what he can actually do in a fight thanks to facing such a formidable opponent.

But because Robin has pushed herself further than before, she unlocked enormous new powers and ended the fight in the anime's most memorable fashion. Check it out below as shared by Crunchyroll:

What Happened in Nico Robin's Fight With Black Maria?

Episode 1044 of One Piece continues the fight between Nico Robin and Black Maria that has reigned supreme over the last few episodes, and Robin has been mentally and physically challenged by the ordeal.

Black Maria has used the fact that Sanji was screaming for Robin's help to try and get inside of Robin, and that reached a new level with the most recent episode when she actually tried to comb through Robin's trauma for additional bumps.

But it's here that Robin reveals he's about to be as evil as his crew needs to be, and reveals the powerful new form he's taken on. Unleashing a sinister new “Demonio Fleur” through his rage against enemies, the episode then brings the fight to its core with a cool show of what Robin can do with this new level of power.

What do you think about seeing Robin's Demonio Fleur in the latest episode of the anime? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments!



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